• Extended Well testing operations  2012

    Government Incorporates the National Oil Company (NOC)

    Government of Uganda has concluded the process of incorporating the Uganda National Oil Company Limited. The company which was registered at the end of June 2015 is now a legal entity. 

    The Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production Act 2013 provides for the establishment of a National Oil Company incorporated, under the Companies Act. The also Act also provides that the National Oil Company shall be wholly owned by the State to manage Uganda's commercial aspects of petroleum activities and the participating interests of the State in the petroleum agreements.

    Dr. Kabagambe Kaliisa, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy…

  • Uganda's Exhibition Booth and 7th EAPCE in Kigali

    Progress of Implementation of the National Oil and Gas Policy for Uganda, August 2015

    The National Oil and Gas Policy for Uganda (NOGP) which was formulated through an extensive consultative process and approved in 2008 is the key framework guiding the development of the oil and gas sector in the country.  NOGP together with its popular version which has been translated into eleven languages can be accessed at www.petroleum.go.ug and www.energyandminerals.go.ug.  

    The Policy was developed to comprehensively address issues of exploration, development, production, utilization and commercialisation of the country’s petroleum resources following the confirmation of commercial petroleum reserves in the country in 2006.  The discovery of petroleum in the country created excellent opportunities…

  • Field Excursion for Stakeholders to Oil and Gas operations in Uganda

    Call for Comments on Draft Uganda Standards on Petroleum Refining and Transportation

    Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) through the technical committee on Petroleum Distribution (UNBS/TC 16 SC 2 WG 2) has discussed the Standards (see the attached):

    The draft Uganda Standard is available for comments at the UNBS Resource centre-Standards house located on Plot 2-12 Bypass Link, Bweyogrere Industrial Area. Persons who would like to make comments may obtain the draft Standard from the above address.

    The committee would be grateful to receive comments on this Standard to be submitted from 29th of July, 2015 to 28th August, 2015. It would be appreciated that those with no specific comments to make…

  • Aerial view of Ngassa 2 well site in Kaiso Tonya, Hoima District

    Uganda’s Licensing Round Applicants Represent Right Blend of Oil Companies.

    I wish to respond to an article titled “Uganda fails to lure majors into oil industry” written by Edward Sekika which appeared in the Observer of Monday 6th July 2015. 

    It is important to acknowledge that Uganda’s first competitive licensing round has attracted the right blend of companies required for exploration, development and production of any additional oil and gas resources in the country. 

    Petroleum exploration and production companies can be grouped into small, medium, large and major companies using the following market capitalization thresholds:-

    • small if the market cap is less than $5billion;
    • medium if the market cap…
  • Extended Well testing operations during 2012

    Uganda’s Oil Projects Still Attractive for Investment Amidst Falling Oil Prices

    I am prompted to offer an opinion on issues raised in the article “Experts call for caution on oil investments” written by David Mugabe which appeared in the New Vision. The caution revolved around the falling oil prices and therefore the ability to raise financing for Uganda’s oil projects. It is important that Ugandans are informed and better appreciate the investment climate in Uganda’s oil and gas sector.

    The major financing needs in Uganda’s oil and gas sector currently include; i) the development of the 17 oil fields estimated at $10billion, this is a responsibility of the licensees to raise,…

  • Oil and gas exploration in the Albertine Graben

    Closure of the Application for Qualification of the Licensing Round for Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production Blocks in Uganda

    KAMPALA 1ST JULY, 2015:
    Following the publication of Notice of Request for Qualification (RfQ) for Uganda's Licensing Round for Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production on  25th February 2015 in which six blocks within the Albertine Grabenwere presented, the Ministry has received a significant number of Application for Qualification (AfQ) from companies across the Globe.

    The Process of receiving the Request for Qualification ended yesterday 30th June, 2015 at 17.00 hours East African Standard Time with the Ministry registering Seventeen valid applicants out of the Nineteen applicants that had registered and received the Request for Qualification.

    The Albertine Grabenis…

  • Oil and gas exploration in the Albertine Graben

    Road Show for Uganda’s First Licensing Round for Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production

    The Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development has opened up six blocks in the Albertine Graben for licensing in the first competitive bidding round. Following the issuance of a Request for Qualification (RFQ) inviting interested firms and/or consortia to submit Statements of Qualifications, the Ministry continues to encourage more firms to participate in the upcoming licensing round.

    Hon. Eng. Irene Muloni, the Minister for Energy and Mineral Development is pleased to invite your company to attend a licensing round roadshow which will be held at the Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel on 17th June…

  • Oil exploration in Uganda's Albertine Graben

    Extension of Deadline for Submission of Applications for Qualification for Uganda's First Petroleum Licensing Round

    Addendum No.1 to Notice of Request for Qualification for the First Licensing Round for Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production in Uganda 

    UG/LR 001/2015

    All interested parties are hereby informed that the closing date for receipt of applications for qualification has been extended from 29th May to 30th June 2015. The extension has been granted in order to allow interested applicants more time to prepare their applications. Other details remain unchanged.

    The planned schedule of activities has therefore been adjusted accordingly as follows:

    a. Publication of Notice of Request for Qualification: 25th February, 2015

    b. Closing date for receipt of Applications…

  • Drilling Rig in the Albertine Graben

    Promotional Events for Uganda’s First Licensing Round for Petroleum Exploration, 2015

    The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development is pleased to inform all potential investors that presentations and an exhibition on Uganda’s first licensing round for petroleum exploration will be made at the following International events;

    1.The 12th  Africa Independents Forum 2015; 26th to 27th May, 2015; Adelphi Suites, The Waldorf Hilton, London United Kingdom

    2. American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Annual Convention and Exhibition, 2015; 31st May to 3rd June, 2015, International Convention Center, Denver, Colorado, USA.

    The Ministry invites all interested firms to visit our exhibition booth during these events to get more information…

  • Butitainers containing test crude oil at Kasemene-1 Wellsite in Buliisa District

    Government issues bid Notice for the Sale of Accumulated Test Crude

    23rd March 2015: Government has re-issued a Bid Notice inviting interested firms to purchase the accumulated test crude oil produced during well testing operations in the Albertine Graben.

    Approximately 40,000 barrels of test crude oil is stored in specialized containers called Butitainers at four locations in the Albertine Graben namely; Kasamene-1, Ngara-1 and Ngiri-2 well sites in Buliisa district and Tangi Camp in Nwoya district.

    Mr. Ernest Rubondo, the Commissioner Petroleum Exploration and Production Department said, “Government wishes to sell the crude oil which was accumulated when carrying out testing of the different wells during appraisal of the respective oil…